With external devices,Single
長42mm×幅35mm×高46mm, 重12kg, 速1mm/s
デッドレコニング, ビジョンセンサ,
ローラ, ハンド,
Just for scientific reasons.
Mantis is a 42*35*45 robot with two wheels and one castor at the back. There is a ccd camera in front of the robot to detect objects, lines and walls on the table. Although we use a combination of dead reckoning and vision-based methods to control the motion of the robot, we rely heavily on the vision. In order to pick up the objects, we use two pneumatic arms. To catch the balls, we have mounted two rollers in front of our robots that can safely pull in and push out these kinds of balls. To catch other objects, we use two pneumatic arms. These arms can grasp the object tightly. There are two boxs on the robot to hold picked-up cans and soapboxs.