USC ECE-Philippines
University of San Carlos
長270mm×幅250mm×高240mm, 重2.76kg, 速500mm/s
ライントレース, 距離センサ,
This robot uses an 8 bit PIC16F8X microcontroller to control its movements. It can proceed from its starting position and follow the black line towards the location of the balls. Can scan from left to right. When the ball is detected within the range of its proximity sensor, robot approaches the ball then picks it through its gripper. Then the robot moves to the location where the bin is and drops the ball. This process continues until no ball is detected.
予選 競技点: 23 審査点: 25.40 補正: 0 合計:48.40    パ: 10.60 チャ: 6.20 芸:4.00 技:4.60