Myth Plus(Myth Plus)

Dongyang Technical Colleage(DYTC )
Dongyang Technical Colleage
長300mm×幅400mm×高300mm, 重11kg, 速10mm/s
光センサ, 協調動作, ハンド,
All parts of robots were handmade. Namely, we, by ourselves, made electronic boards, mechanical parts, appearance, and so on. Radio communication bewteen two robots can reduce session.
- ROBOTS : two robots Two robots each other have different functions. The bigger robot has a role that catches objects. The other discriminates among the objects and takes the objects to goals. Two robots do radio communication each other and exchange data. The used frequency band is 424MHz. - CPU : two Intel microprocessors( 80c196kc ) The first CPU controls the whole action of robot. The other is used for radio communication between two robots.
予選 競技点: 49 審査点: 16.00 補正: 0 合計:65.00   技術: 8.40 パフォ: 7.60 挑戦:???
決勝 競技点: 34 審査点: 16.80 補正: 0 合計:50.80   技術: 8.80 パフォ: 8.00 挑戦:???