14th Intelligent Robot Contest 2002
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Brief description on the contest


The rule has been opened to public formally since March 22, 2002.


Rule Preview

14th Intelligent Robot contest 2002
Major changes from 13th(2001, 2001 in Yokohama)

Changes on Challenge course

Changes on Technical course

Changes on both course

Modification of registered information

The registration system only accepts change of robots information that are already registered. Go to registration page

Bulletin Board on WWW

Intelligent Robot Contest - Robot constructors' meeting room
This BBS is most famous BBS on this contest. The main language is Japanese, but you can use English. Probably, someone will respond.
Each of fields of form is Name, Subject, Contents, e-mail(not necessary unless you need reply via e-mail), URL(if you have some WEB page to annnounce), and deletion-keys(four-digit-number), respectively. After filling them and push button(apply).


If you have question or trouble, please ask us,, Robot Contest Comittee.
FAX: +81-22-217-7023 (TEL: +81-22-217-7025).