18th Intelligent Robot Contest 2006
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Brief description on the contest

Contest movies (2 movies for several formats):
Real stream 1(150kbps) 2(150kbps) (needs RealPlayer)
Real download 1(5.5Mbyte) 2(6.4Mbyte) (needs RealPlayer, 150kbps)
MPEG download 1(45Mbyte) 2(85Mbyte) (Caution: big files)
Higher Reso. MPEG download 1(150Mbyte) 2(175Mbyte) (Very BIG, be careful)
Shoot and Edit:
Tohoku Computer College, Prof Yamaki and his students


The rule has been opened to public formally since January 31, 2005.

Rule Preview

18th Intelligent Robot contest 2006
Major changes from 17th(2005)
Almost Nothing. Changes:
1) "Technical theme" is abolished and mixed into "Performance point".
2) Safety term of audience and staff. Please do not use harmful device such as uncontrolled flying objects, LASERs, and/or too brilliant LEDs.


Please request when you want to participate to contest with your robots. If you want to watch games, no registration is needed.

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