Rossum 1

Rossum's Universal Robots
Self-content, Single-robot
L:300mm * W:200mm * H:140mm, 1.2kg, 300mm/s
Line-trace, Distance sensor,
1つのPSDでボールを見つけて取るのって結構難しい It is difficult to find and grab a ball by only one PSD.
ライントレースでボールが散らばるエリアまで行き、PSDによってボールの探査、確保します。ボールを確保した後、色を判断しゴールに入れます。 This robot go to the area where balls are scattered by line trace. And then, robot will search a ball by PSD and grab it. After that, separate a ball by color and shoot it in a goal.
1st Pre.round Game: 5, Judge: ---, Compensation: 0, Sum.:5.00
Performance: --- Challenge: --- Art:--- Speed :---

Revival Game: 0, Judge: ---, Compensation: 0, Sum.:0.00
Performance: --- Challenge: --- Art:--- Speed :---