Intelligent Robot Contest 2001 in Yokohama
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Brief description on the contest

Now writing.

Guides for foreign participants

Travel Guide from Narita Airport to Official Hotel for foreign participants is available.


Rule of contest is same as 13th contest. Some of foriegn team will be able to participate without no examination, but open entrance will need to be examined by videos.

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Bulletin Board on WWW

Intelligent Robot Contest - Robot constructors' meeting room
This BBS is most famous BBS on this contest. The main language is Japanese, but you can use English. Probably, someone will respond.
Each of fields of form is Name, Subject, Contests, e-mail(not necessary unless you need reply via e-mai), URL(if you have some WEB page to annnounce), and deletion-keys(four-digit-number), respectively. After filling them and push button(apply).
If you have question or trouble, please ask us,, Robot Contest Comittee.
FAX: +81-22-217-7023 (TEL: +81-22-217-7025).