20th Intelligent Robot Contest 2008
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Game results(1st pre, revival)

Brief description on the contest

Contest movies (movies of 2006 contest):
Real stream irc2006(256kbps, 7:30) irc2006(512kbps, 7:30) (needs RealPlayer)
Real(RMVB) download irc2006(256kbps,13Mbyte) irc2006(512kbps,25.5Mbyte) (needs RealPlayer)
Window Media(WMV download irc2006(256kbps,15Mbyte) irc2006(512kbps,30Mbyte) (needs WindowMediaPlayer)
Shoot and Edit:
Tohoku Computer College, Prof Yamaki and his students

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Intelligent Robot Contest - Official meeting room
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