Partner Robot Games

Outline of the Partner Robot Games

1. Objective Robots, which were given (although fake) by man, are expected to support man in tasks which seem difficult and hard for man. In turn, man will create more robots and provide them with energy. Man and robots should keep a good partnership with each other. Aiming to realize such a future society, in this contest we propose and wish to demonstrate an ideal relationship between man and robot in visual forms. This will be done by using the superior technologies and unique ideas to contribute to the improvement of technology and to raise our consciousness and sensitivity to our welfare and daily life. This game will be introduced to Robo-festa 2001, which will be held in Kanagawa Prefecture this year.

2. Features In the development of robots in the field of welfare as well as other fields, user's opinions will become more and more important. With the aim of establishing a good partnership between man and robots, we are trying to add a friendly atmosphere to this contest, so that both adults and children can enjoy the games. We will offer you a place where robot creators, spectators and potential users can become good partners.

3. Organizer The Executive Committee of the Partner Robot Games

4. Date

10:00 to 16:00 September 7 (Fri.) and 8 (Sat.), 2001

An exhibition of projects in the Robot Idea Contest will be held on both days. On the first day (September 7), there will be an exhibition and the demonstration of robots, as well as preparation and trial runs of robots. On the second day (September 8), the main games of the Game Division and the Demonstration Division will be held.

5. Place At the Special Goods and Technology Fair 2001 in Miyagi at Yume Messe Miyagi 3-1-7, Minato, Miyagino-ku, Sendai 983-00016.

Divisions There are three divisions: Game Division, Demonstration Division and Robot Idea Contest.

(1) Game Division Contests centered on the theme of: “What kind of service from a robot would please an elderly person who lives alone?” Robots must perform the following tasks: make some response to the command to start the tasks, move to another place, carry an object on a table, perform some work which may please elderly people, and notify the judge of the completion of all tasks. There will be several obstacles in the game field and the floor will be carpeted to make the robot's movement difficult, but we hope the contestants will be able to easily clear such hurdles.

(2) Demonstration Division “For the welfare of the aged and physically challenged people”. In the contest, contestants must demonstrate that their robots can, even to a limited extent, reduce the inconveniences of senior citizens or physically challenged people and make them happier. A robot can either have a very robot-like appearance or not look like a robot at all. It is permitted to control a robot manually all the time. Exercise your imagination to please and impress the spectators and the judges. For example, the robot can be an improved wheelchair, a new kind of physical support device or self-help device, a pet robot, a foot-operated mouse, a new type of voice recognizer, a barrier-free product, universal goods and so on. We welcome entries that are fun, beneficial and very unique. However, demonstrations that only intend to provoke laughter will be rejected.

(3) Robot Idea Contest A robot picture contest for elementary school and junior high school students. Its aim is to draw more attention to appropriate science and technologies i.e. robots, and welfare. We await children's unique and imaginative pictures of their “robot friends”, as well as their comments about their work.

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