InRoF2001 Result

Results - Preliminary round - Challenge

ID Name of Robot Name of Team GameJudgeComp.SumRest time
C13 MICEE&NB MICEE@NB 5045.20095.202:45
C05 Mud Ship Former FTH Electronic research club 5042.80092.803:19
C07 samurai 東北大学中野研究室Aチーム 4140.20081.200:00
C03 Soshun Denki-Club 5030.40080.403:01
C06 r1 and r2 science club 3839.20077.202:49
C04 Great Robot BONTEN No.12 Sekimoto Family Players 3835.40073.401:29
C11 Drone USC ECE-Philippines 2325.40048.400:00
C02 Nagaoka Univ. of Tech. 1434.00048.000:00
C12 Chrono Miner USC ComE - Philippines 1425.60039.600:00
C10 R-410 しまりすくらぶ 028.60028.600:19
C15 Sharif United Sharif-United 026.80026.800:00
C09 don-gabacyo science club 020.20020.201:34
C08 79 model Passhi ??? 019.00019.000:37
C01 Karen N.I.T Yamachi Laboratory 0???00.00棄権
C14 ??? ??? ???????????????

Note: "Comp." means compensation factor such as penalties